4 Ways to Deal With Rude People in the Music Industry

In your musical journey you are bound to come across people who are rude to you. People may say mean things to your face, or they may spread rumors about you. The rude person may be the leader of a band, or another band mate who just wants to make life harder on you. Whatever the case may be there are ways you can make the best of the situation. Here are 4 ways to deal with rude people in the music industry.

1: Kill them with kindness. Every time you see them say hi and be friendly. Compliment them about something they did well. When you are nice to someone, you make it harder for them to be rude to you. When you are nice to a rude person, you can be guilt free and know that you did nothing to encourage them to be rude. Being nice always pays off.

2: Avoid the person. If being nice to the person being rude to you does not help, you can ignore them. If the person does not have a chance to do something to you, then they cannot do it. If you see them coming, decide you need to go to the bathroom. Find ways to avoid any problems that may arise. Sometimes avoiding someone is the answer, but sometimes you cannot avoid your problems.

3: Set up a non confrontational time to ask them why they are acting rude. If you cannot avoid the person, then you may find it helpful to ask the person why they are acting rude. Make sure this time you set up is not seen as an attack by the person. Ask them to go to a coffee shop with you sometime and have a conversation and nicely tell them how you feel. You may be surprised by their response. Sometimes people that are shy appear rude to others. It may be nothing personal against you and this is a nice gentle way to find out.

4: Seek advice from leadership. Assuming the person being rude to you is not the leader, you can consult the leader about your problems. The leader may have advice for you based on the situation; he might also have knowledge about the rude person that you do not know. The rude person may be rude to everyone or may just be having a bad day. Leadership should only be an option if you cannot work it out directly with the rude person.

When working in music, you will cross paths with people who are rude to you. Being rude back will only make your problems worse. There are ways you can resolve problems with the other person without being rude as well. If you are nice to them, things might change and you could even become friends!

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