How to Choose a Guitar Pick That Fits Your Style

A guitar pick is a very personal item and choosing the best one depends on many factors. There is not a magical pick, but each person will grow to be comfortable with a style of guitar picks that they like and feel comfortable with. You should experiment with different styles of guitar picks before you say no to them. Once you get use to a style of guitar pick it will be awkward to change. Let's jump in and see what should contribute to picking out a good pick.

The size of the pick is going to be the biggest factor to comfort. picks come in different sizes and shapes. Typically there are small ones and large ones. This is extremely personal because no one is exactly the same. You may find that holding smaller picks are easier to hold and create more speed. You may also find that bigger picks are easier to hold and feel more comfortable. Experiment with different sizes and use what is most comfortable to you.

The material is a contributing factor in your guitar tone and comfort. Some types of materials create brighter sounds while others create darker sounds. Some guitar picks are harsher than others. Experiment with material guitar picks are made of to find the sound you want. these little critters also contribute to how comfortable you are while holding them. You may find some materials make the pick hard to hold on to, others are easy to hold on to. Take the time to experiment with what material makes you the happiest. This will pay off because you will be comfortable and have a great tone!

One final thing that you should consider while buying picks is the thickness. Some picks are very hard and do not give at all while others are flimsy. The density may make you play easier and make you feel more comfortable. It will definitely change your guitar tone. So spend some time experimenting with different strengths.

Guitar picks are a personal item that should be chosen depending on how comfortable they make you and the guitar sound you can get using them. You will need to experiment to find the style that fits you the best, but you will be glad you experimented. You should remember that the size, material and thickness all make a huge difference in your tone and how comfortable you are.

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